Krishna International School


Smart classrooms

We have digitalized classrooms from KG to Grade X to facilitate learning through multimedia for all the subjects and learning becomes a pleasurable experience. Krishna initiates the use of smart class room for all the classes. The objective of this initiative is to motivate the learners, by giving them an opportunity to enjoy the interaction technology offers and by making the subject come alive.

It will capture the attention of the learners and encourage their involvement in the subject.


The lab is equipped with apparatus and experimental set up to cater the needs of the students. This lab enables students to learn the quantitative and qualitative analysis in an interesting manner. Skilled and experienced lab assistants guide the students along with the teachers.

Math Lab

An air conditioned, fully equipped math lab with sufficient manipulative for all classes from first to tenth is a boon to the Krishna. The multimedia and software programs in our Math lab help in concept comprehension and enhancement of logical thinking and Mathematical skills of all our children.

Science Lab

All the labs in Krishna are spacious, well equipped and adhering with standards of safety. Well-equipped individual labs are available for Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Computer Lab

The computer lab in Krishna is designed as to accommodate 30 children at a time with the latest flat monitor computer systems and air conditioning.

Language Lab

Language lab is designed to provide the learners with a strong platform for practical training in the language. Here, the students are exposed to functional language in use and are familiarized with the many pronunciation styles that are vital in everyday usage of the English language in today’s world.

The methodology of language teaching adopted in a language lab ensures a live delivery of language concepts as the learners proceed to practice them individually in the computer based section of the language lab. Language lab also provides scope for using English language through games and practice exercises to polish concepts learnt during classroom sessions.

Language Lab provides ample teaching material in enhancing the learners' speaking and listening skills. The rich content of this language lab not only allows learners to practice these skills, but also provides good teaching material for the teacher to impart them; making the preparation for ASL test relatively meaningful.



Our School Library named as KNOWLEDGE PARK is highly inviting and is of course a park to enjoy reading. The school library provides information inculcates ideas and develops knowledge that is essential to equip students for the present information and knowledge based society. Our school library equips our students with lifelong learning skills and develop in them creative thinking and imagination and enable them to live as ideal and responsible citizens.

Some of the salient features of our library include:

  • A spacious, well-maintained digitalized library.
  • A huge resource pool of fiction, non-fiction, reference books, encyclopedias, dailies, magazines and journals.
  • Expert librarians and teachers to supervise and guide each student in the selection and use of books and other reading materials for the building of taste at appropriate level of maturity.
  • Constant up-gradation of resources including both printed as well as audio visual materials to provide the latest information to our students.
  • Helping students inculcate the spirit of shared learning.



We provide a fleet of well-maintained vehicle with trained drivers, conductors and lady attendants. All our buses are equipped with First-Aid kits. Our vehicle travels to all nooks and corner of the town and villages to ensure comfortable transport service.

Some of the salient features of our transport services include:

  • Well-networked fleet of buses connecting the school to various parts of the town and villages.
  • Trained drivers and conductors in each vehicle.
  • Trained lady attendants to take care of children in each vehicle.
  • Mandatory First-Aid kits in all vehicle.
  • Regular checking by school administration staff to ensure safety.
  • For better monitoring, GPS and Speed governor installed.
  • 15 school vehicle ply in the mornings and afternoons covering around 600 pickup/drop points.
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RO water plant

The school provides pure and safe drinking water to the students and staff with help of the Water purification plant, Reverse Osmosis system installed in the campus.

Health Care

The school infirmary is equipped with the basic materials and facilities to address the health needs of learners when at school. First aid kit and all essential medicines are available in the infirmary.

Nurse will be available at all the time when students at school to take care of them. A full Medical Check-up will be held at least once in a year with different child specialist doctors.

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Dining Service

A spacious, well-furnished and hygienic dining hall is situated in the first floor. Food we provide is not only appealing but also nutritious. We ensure that the food we provide is fresh, hygienic and also kids friendly.

Some of the salient features of our dining include:

  • Food cooked in a highly hygienic environment.
  • Careful planning of the menu to ensure that our children eat right.
  • Caring aunties to serve and staff to monitor children’s table manners and completion of the food.
  • Students are taught the dining etiquette and we insist on ‘no wastage’.
Rest rooms

Sufficient numberof Clean and hygienic toilets and wash basins made available separately for boys and Girls at the end of every wing in every floor and regularly checked by the staff in-charge. Convenient sized Modern western Lavoratories are provided according to the age of the students. Aunties are always available in the entrance of the rest rooms to check water supply and cleanliness.

Students are trained to use toilets hygienically and practiced with proper methods of washing hands.


The school has trained counselors and special senior educators who endow with counseling for emotional, behavioral and learning problems. The chaotic teens and situational temper oscillations are dealt with love, concern and most of all quiet understanding. Career guidance is also offered for the students at the end of their higher secondary course. The school conducts orientation and counseling programs for teachers, parents and children.

Extra Curricular Activities [ECA]
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Our school offers a wide range of Extra-Curricular Activities allowing students to discover and develop his individual creativity and personality. Students can opt the activities of their own interest choosing from Music (Indian/Western), Key Board, Drums, Dance (Classical/Western), Guitar, Karate and Art and Craft.

To accommodate these eclectic pursuits and to make fantastic learning environments, separate spacious modular classroom is allocated for every Extra-Curricular Activity.

Security System
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To ensure security coverage in & around our campus, Closed Circuit Cameras have been installed at all perspective locations. Trained security personnel are appointed to take care of the security at our campus. Intercoms are connecting all the important points in the school. Mandatory check at the Entrance gate so that no trespassers can get inside the campus. Only parents/authorized local guardians are allowed to take students out of the school.

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