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On any given evening, the school is alive with activities involving boys, girls and staff. The programme varies slightly from term to term but there is always a selection of the creative, the sporting, the intellectual and even some which are purely escapist in nature!

The following are some of the clubs that function in our school:

Cultural Club

The cultural club aims at healthy diversion and goes a long way in recognizing and nurturing extracurricular talent and personality development. The club ensures participation in all kinds of intra and inter-school, drama, debates, elocutions and other cultural activities fosteringoverall development in every child of KIS.

The club is active in organizingvarious competitions, annual functions, internal celebrations and cultural programme in the school.

Heritage Club

Every student who becomes a member of heritage club is motivated to participate in heritage conservation and to learn more about their local and natural heritage.

Science Club

Self-expression, independent research, constructive activities, etc., are some of the opportunities provided by the science clubs.

Our Science club with a team of Science teachers channelizes the energies of students and makes use of their skills and talents, which satisfy their instincts and urges and helps in their overall personality development. Science Club bridge in-school and out-of-school learning and foster genuine interest in science and scientific activities that includes

      • Arranging lectures of the subject experts on the subject of the scientific interest
      • Arranging cleanliness and health weeks in the institution
      • Arranging excursions to places of scientific interest.
      • Organizing quiz, exhibition and competitions on the topics of the scientific interest
      • Organizing school services in the field of cleanliness, health and sanitation.

Sports Club

KIS has fulfilled its responsibility in caring the physical health of its students through the active Sports Club headed by the Physical Education Teacher. The constant effort to develop all round personality of a child has always been the endeavour that has now resulted in excellence in the area of sports.

      • The club ensures in recognizing the sports achievers who enter school adhering to the sports scholarship.
      • It takes active role in organizing the Annual Sports Meet every year.
      • The sports club encourages sports and conducts tournaments in Football, Throwball, Volleyball, Tennis,skating, Carrom, Chess, Athletic events .etc.
      • The KIS sports team is striving to achieve much more landmarks in other sports as well for coming state and National level tournaments.

Interact Club

The Interact Club at Krishna School is a service organization for high school students who desire to volunteer their time to aid school and community. The Interact Club is sponsored by the Rotary Club of East Coast, Ramanathapuram. The objectives are to develop leadership skills and personal integrity, to demonstrate helpfulness and respect for others, to understand the value of individual responsibility and hard work and to advance international understand and goodwill. The major project of the Interact Club in the year 2018-2019 was to create awareness on ‘Child Abuse’.

Health & Environmental Club

It can favorably influence the habits, attitude and knowledge relating to an individual and community. These clubs can modify student’s behavior towards the attainment of optimum health.

It motivates the students to keep their surroundings green and clean by undertaking plantation of trees. The clubs will focus on management of waste (water/paper/electricity etc) using the principle of a ‘green’ school by promoting awareness and behavior modification.

Language Club

Reading for pleasure is more important to children’s successes than education or social class.

It is designed to encourage students to read more frequently, improve their reading skills, and provide the opportunity for book talks which will improve comprehension skill.

Seminars and Workshops

It is our constant endeavor to take learning beyond the confines of a classroom and make it an enjoyable experience for our students. Consequently, a wide array of workshops is regularly organized that not only help to give a hands-on experience but also motivate and inspire the learners to be worthy human beings.

Providing ample opportunities for the students to listen to the resource persons help them to keep updated in various fields.

The following skills are trained under seminar and workshop: Self-awareness, Coping with anger, problem solving, creative thinking, building better relationships, effective communication, stress management, critical thinking, decision making, and Goal-setting and time management.

Special Events

Special events at KIS maintain the unique style of quality education promoting all round development of the students. New events keep coming up every year to show that KIS is always special.

    • Theme based creative daily assemblies.
    • Compartment wise talent shows (KG‘s Speranza, Pre-Primary‘s Tiny Tots Fiesta, Primary ‘Kids Spectra).
    • Cultural Festivals for individual talent show for students in and around the town.

Trips and Excursions

We create enriching experiences by exposing students to real life scenarios during school. This facilitates them to see, understand facts and concepts better, helping a young mind, seeing new things are great stimulant and an excellent way to learn by field visits.

We offer our students ample opportunities to learn skills like leadership, perseverance, survival skills, teamwork and responsibilities through multiple domestic and field trips.

Festivals and Celebrations

Krishna International School, believes in providing ample opportunities and platforms to each and every child to build leadership and dynamic qualities. At the start of the academic session, the yearly activity plan is handed over to the students and parents informing them of each week’s activity in advance.

Our activities include field trips to interesting and relevant places, regular guest lectures, parent kid competitions, workshops for special skills, celebration of festivals and competitions that help in building team spirit and self-confidence among students.National and International days, functions and celebrations add colour to the campus. Practicing secularism, celebrations of all faiths find its way in the campus. The teachers make it a point to bring out the true essence and the underline value of every celebration. Collaboration and feeling oneness is the motto for all celebrations.

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