Code of Conduct

Respect the head of school, teachers and staff.
Obey and respect their seniors, such as school captain, vice-captain(s) and class monitors.
Obey and follow the rules and regulations of the school.
Maintain the cleanliness of the respective class.
Not misbehave in the classroom.
Be silent and listen during the assembly session.
Sing the school song when the song is played during the assembly
Do not leave the classroom without the teacher’s permission during the class hours.

Parents Teachers - Meet

Parents Teacher meet is to build strong working relationships among parents, teachers and schools, in support of students. Teachers may talk to the parents about the academic progress or student discipline issues.
Parents are requested to sign the progress reports and teacher's remarks in the school diary and return them within the prescribed time.
Parents are invited to observe the class in which their child is studying with PRIOR permission by the Principal.
Parents have to meet the class teacher at least twice in a term.
Parents must sign the Undertaking Letter, indicating their commitment to abide by the school's rules and regulations.

School Uniform

Every student must come to school in clean and tidy uniform.
Parents are requested to see that the school dress is free of stains. Socks should always be at calf length.
The students must wear ID card at all times inside the school campus.
Students without proper school uniform will not be allowed to sit in the class.
For KG children, parent should send a dress bag with the child's name, on the first working day of every week. The dress bag should contain a set of clothes and a folded cover to pack the soiled clothes. If the child's dress is changed at school, we shall send home the dress bag with the removed uniform on the same day. Please send a fresh set the next day.
Colour dress is permitted only on the child's birthday.

Fee Rules:

Fees will be collected term wise & will be paid in 3 installments for the current session as stated below :-
1st Installment - on or before 10th April
2nd Installment - on or before 10th August
3rd Installment - on or before 10th December

The fee should be deposited by the last prescribed due date of every term and if failed to pay the fee in stipulated time , late payment charge will be levied.

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