Smart Classrooms

We have digitalized classrooms from KG to Grade XII to facilitate learning through multimedia for all the subjects and learning becomes a pleasurable experience. Krishna initiates the use of smart class room for all the classes. The objective of this initiative is to motivate the learners, by giving them an opportunity to enjoy the interaction technology offers and by making the subject come alive.

It will capture the attention of the learners and encourage their involvement in the subject.

Math Lab

An air conditioned, fully equipped math lab with sufficient manipulative for all classes from first to tenth is a boon to the Krishna. The multimedia and software programs in our Math lab help in concept comprehension and enhancement of logical thinking and Mathematical skills of all our children.

Physics Lab

A laboratory for research in physics. To familiarize students with experimental apparatus, the scientific method, and methods of data analysis so that they will have some idea of the inductive process by which the ideas were originated.

Chemistry Lab

This laboratory has all the necessary equipment for preparation of samples and standards for various analyses of liquid and solid samples.

Biology Lab

Biology laboratories, or biological research and development labs, perform analyses, experiments, and studies to better understand how biological processes work.

RO water plant

The school provides pure and safe drinking water to the students and staff with help of the Water purification plant, Reverse Osmosis system installed in the campus.

Computer Lab

The computer lab in Krishna is designed as to accommodate 30 children at a time with the latest flat monitor computer systems and air conditioning.


Welcome to our expansive library, a haven for knowledge seekers! Our library boasts a diverse collection of books, ranging from various subjects to general knowledge and magazines, meticulously organized by categories for effortless student access. It serves as a vibrant hub of learning, encouraging young explorers to delve into the fascinating world of literature and expand their horizons. This inviting space fosters curiosity and innovation, making it an engaging haven for our students to enhance their skills and nurture a love for reading.

KG Activity Lab

We believe in nurturing young minds through creative and engaging learning experiences. Our Kindergarten Activity Lab is a vibrant space where curiosity meets exploration, and imagination knows no bounds.In our specially designed lab, our little learners embark on exciting adventures that stimulate their senses, enhance their fine and gross motor skills, and foster a love for reading and learning.Through hands-on activities, interactive games, and age-appropriate experiments, our students develop critical thinking, problem-solving abilities, and teamwork.

Health Care

The school infirmary is equipped with the basic materials and facilities to address the health needs of learners when at school. First aid kit and all essential medicines are available in the infirmary.

Nurse will be available at all the time when students at school to take care of them. A full Medical Check-up will be held at least once in a year with different child specialist doctors.

School Communication App

Our school uses the edu Tinker App, a comprehensive solution that fosters effective communication, collaboration, and engagement within our school community. Here’s a glimpse of its versatile functionalities:
Attendance for both students and teachers can be updated effortlessly.
Homework assignments, circulars, and emergency announcements can be sent with instant notifications.
Students and teachers can conveniently apply for leave through the app.
The syllabus, e-books, videos, and presentations for the curriculum can be accessed.
Teachers can share notes as PDFs, conduct quizzes, and tests for their specific class or section.
Timetables can be easily shared, allowing parents and students to know their teacher assignments and class schedules.
Event pictures and videos can be shared selectively to specific categories or to the entire school community.
Parents can view pending fees, download bills for payments made, and stay updated on financial matters.
Parents can access their child's report card.
Emergency Access to students' Personal Details.

Extra Curricular Activities [ECA]

Our school offers a wide range of Extra-Curricular Activities allowing students to discover and develop their individual creativity and personality. Students can opt the activities of their own interest choosing from Music (Indian/Western), Key Board, Drums, Dance (Classical/Western), Rubick cubes , Midbrain activity, Website designing, Karate, Silambam, Skating, Archery, Table Tennis, Chess, Carrom and Art and Craft.

To accommodate these eclectic pursuits and to make fantastic learning environments, separate spacious modular classroom is allocated for every Extra-Curricular Activity.

Security System

To ensure security coverage in & around our campus, Closed Circuit Cameras have been installed at all perspective locations. Trained security personnel are appointed to take care of the security at our campus. Intercoms are connecting all the important points in the school. Mandatory check at the Entrance gate so that no trespassers can get inside the campus. Only parents/authorized local guardians are allowed to take students out of the school.
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