Awareness Programs

Awareness programs in our school are valuable tools for educating students about a wide range of important issues and topics that may not be covered extensively in the regular academic curriculum. These programs provide students with practical knowledge, skills, and awareness related to subjects like mental health, substance abuse, bullying, environmental conservation, and many others aiming to equip students with essential life skills, promote a healthy and responsible lifestyle, and create a supportive and informed school community.


On 8th February, our Grade VI and VII students embarked on a mission of compassion and understanding at Government Higher Secondary School, Devipattinam. They didn’t just visit; they brought with them the power of storytelling, the magic of mime, and the thrill of quizzes, all aimed at raising awareness on suicide prevention. And as a token of appreciation for their attentiveness, we shared pens and sweets, but more importantly, we shared a bond of solidarity and support.


On December 5, 2023, the Rotary Club of East Coast Ramnad, in collaboration with VVV & Son’s Edible Oils Ltd, orchestrated a groundbreaking Smart Education Program at Krishna International School. The brilliant trainer, Mr. J.Kailaash Jeevan, Founder & CEO of Tersbyte Technologies LLP, empowered the teachers with virtual reality solutions for smart teaching. Teachers, always eager learners, were immersed in a sea of knowledge to inspire students through innovative approaches. Cheers to the team for making this endeavor a reality!


Kudos to our bright minds for actively participating in a Stress Management Program, specially crafted for Grade X and XII students on 21 November,2023. The insightful session included valuable tips on stress coping mechanisms, guidance on various courses, and details about eligibility tests.Not only did our students gain knowledge, but they also showcased their excellence by winning numerous cash prizes! A big shout-out to our resource person, Mr.Asif, Assistant Professor from Mohamed Sathak Engineering College, Kilakarai for sharing his expertise and empowering our students.


To develop financial knowledge, life skills and confidence for managing one’s money, School held a workshop for teachers on financial literacy on Monday, 20 November 2023. The session was ably conducted by JFM T.S.Mohana Harish, Internal Auditor & Strategic Financial Trainer and Laughter Yoga Leader.The speaker highlighted the importance of savings and investment planning and explained the various tools of investment. He asserted that investment should be planned in a way which gives the financial security and simultaneously helps achieve one’s personal goals and lifestyle. Empower yourself with financial skills!


Staying current with teaching tools and techniques is crucial for educators to thrive in today’s dynamic environment. On 9th November 2023, our Tamil teachers and Admin Principal participated in a workshop organized by the District Educational Office at Mohamed Sathak Dasthakir CBSE School in Ramanathapuram. Embracing continuous learning for professional growth.

BE A BEE 1.0

On October 26th, 2023, the Rotary Club of East Coast Ramnad proudly launched “Be a Bee 1.0,” a motivational program under the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards, at Krishna International School. Rtn.Er.J.Dhinesh Babu, District Governor Nominee, graced the occasion as our esteemed chief guest. The event was filled with inspiration as Rtn.K.C.Gurusamy and Mr.Thanigai Vel shared invaluable insights on staying focused, avoiding distractions, and excelling in academics. Our young learners were captivated by the wisdom shared by resource persons from Punch Gurukulam. Ms. Preetha emphasized “Be Smart,” Ms. Kanaga Prathab focused on “Be Safe,” Mr. Chinnaraja encouraged them to “Be Sharp,” and Ms. Vidhya motivated them to “Be Studying.” Each speaker’s unique perspective left a lasting impact on our students. A heartfelt thank you to the Rotary Club of East Coast Ramnad for organizing such a transformative and impactful program for our students.

Swachhata Hi Seva

On 1st October, 2023, our incredible Krishna International School team made a meaningful impact by organizing the ‘Swachhata Hi Seva’ Campaign at Navabaasanam in Devipattinam. The event was inaugurated by our esteemed Chief Guest, Mrs. Jeeva Rathinam. A, Inspector of Police, Devipattinam. Our dedicated students and teachers worked tirelessly, spreading cleanliness and joy throughout the area. Witnessing the holy place transformed and clean after our cleaning campaign was truly heartwarming.Let’s continue to embrace the spirit of ‘Swachhata Hi Seva’! Together, we make a difference.

Plantation Drive!

The best way to reach out to a group of people who share your passion for sustainability is to plant trees with the group. The ECO Club came up with the Plantation Drive to sensitize the students to improve environmental conditions by encouraging them to help in reducing pollution by planting more & more trees. The Plantation Drive on 10th March 2023 was graced by the benign presence of Captain Vikrant S Sabnis, the Commanding Officer. INS Parundu and Station Commander Ramanathapuram. The event stared with the planting of saplings by the chief guests then the correspondent secretary Principal and the ECO Club students and ended with nearly 50 plants being planted and with a smile on everyone’s face for doing something good for the environment We’ve beautified our campus!Little counselling can go a long way for our high school children.

A 'Green' Campus in the making.

Recent data shows that ground water level has been depleting in Ramanathapuram every year for the past few years. If conservation doesn’t start on war-footing, then the water table could lead to a crisis in coming years Keeping this problem in mind and along with the responsibility of saving the environment Krishna International School Devipattinam organised a ‘Plantation Dove on 20th April 2023 in the school campus. The program was graced by the benign presence of Mr Jonny Tom Varghese IAS District collector Ramanathapuram The guests of honour, School Correspondent & Secretary Principals and Students planted about 1000 saplings and pleaged to protect the planted saplings and ensure that they grow into large trees. Exposing our student participants to the real situation has raised their motivation to help and act accordingly. The green Initiative will usher in a new look KISI

Adolescents Require Explicit Attention

Adolescence means ‘to emerge’ to attain ‘identity’ and this way of attaining identity has to go long facing up with challenges as well as changes. During this period a variety of physiological, cognitive, emotional and social changes take place. So to survive this period and get the direction of fulfilling their potential, adolescents require guidance and honest support. In the students counseling program held on 20th April 2023, the senior counsellors, Ms. Shyamala and Dr.Radha from ATMAPRASARA Counselling Organization delivered valuable information about Adolescence, Self care, responsibility, infatuation, addictions and Health care.
Little counselling can go a long way for our high school children.

Empowering teachers will change the world

It is rightly said that great teachers are those who can change a student’s life. An empowered teacher not only delivers great lessons but also inculcates moral values and life skills in students. They instil in them positive attitude and immense confidence to take up challenges posed by the world. On 22nd April 2023, a Workshop was conducted for teachers to assist them in better management of classroom, Time and enable teachers in terms of holistic knowledge, motivation and self-esteem. The Counsellors, Ms.Shyamala and Dr.Radha from ATMAPRASARA shared key pointers on achieving a bond with the students and how to be inspirational in the classroom through engaging activities and role play. The workshop ended with a commitment from the participant teachers to attempt the techniques discussed at the workshop in their own classes.

Awareness is the key to good health!

School children are a means to reach and sensitize the community on the prevention of seasonal diseases such as malaria and dengue. So the Rotary Club of East Coast Ramnad took an initiative to create awareness amongst the Krishna students during the morning assembly on 11th July 2023. The Club President, Rtn.Mr.Annathurai, Rtn.Mr.Jayakumar, Secretary Rtn. Mr. Balaji spoke to the students – detailing the cause of the disease, its symptoms and also the preventive measures. The Team clarified that though there is no defined medication for Dengue, it can be prevented and effectively controlled by first taking care of ourselves and our surroundings. As part of measures to prevent the spread of dengue fever, Nilavembu Kashayam was distributed to all the students. What is very clear, is that education and health for children are inextricably entwined!

Road Safety Awareness Program

On August 24th, 2023, KIS successfully hosted the Road Safety Awareness Program in collaboration with the Rotary Club of East Coast Ramnad. The event featured Rtn D Nagendran, Past District Chairman of Road Safety, as the guest speaker. He emphasized road safety rules and precautionary measures using images and videos. Rtn Er J Dhinesh Babu, District Governor Nominee, along with other distinguished guests, presented Road Safety Awareness posters and handouts to students. The school’s correspondent, Rtn Er K Ganesakannan, expressed gratitude to Rotary members for their impactful awareness efforts.

Mass Tree Plantation Program!

Keeping the global problem in mind and along with the responsibilities of saving the environment, Rotary Club of East Coast Ramnad joining with Krishna International School Devipattinam and AVMS Matric Hr Sec School Ramnad organised a ‘Mass Tree Plantation Program’ on 2nd November 2022 at SIDCO Industrial Estate Ramnad.In the plantation drive, the guests of honour , Rotary members and Students planted about 500 saplings and pledged to protect these planted saplings and ensure that they grow into large trees.Exposing our student participants to the real situation has raised their motivation to help and act accordingly.We are overwhelmed with this opportunity

Get Gas Safe!

On 4th November 2022, a Gas Safety Session was conducted by Nikhil Krishna Indane Gramin Vitrak to raise awareness on how to stay safe with gas.During the program , Mr.V.Gopalam , Assistant Manager ( LPG-S), Ramanathapuram and the fire service personnel demonstrated how fire mishaps occur due to the negligence while handling gas cylinders in our day to day life and also highlighted the precautionary measures to be adopted to prevent the fire mishaps in the very first place.The program has supported initiatives with our students to ensure that they change their safety behaviours and made them act as a channel in order to reach parents as well.

Run for Human Unity!

Running has a substantial positive impact on people. Three of our Grade 11 students took part in 21Km – Mini Marathon 2022 organised by RDAA – Ramanathapuram District Athletic Association on 18th December 2022 to mark the Human Unity Day.We are proud of our boys, Lakshmana, Balaji and Yogith for their social contribution in spreading the awareness of the value of Solidarity.Their participation deserves to be cherished and honoured.

Great Participation ! boys

Cyber Awareness Program


Since the online classes during the pandemic , students are more exposed to E-sources nowadays.Hence, students need to be careful while using the devices for learning purposes. In an effort to meet this need , KIS in association with Rotary Club of East Coast Ramnad organised a Cyber Crime Awareness Program on 18th October 2022. During the programme, the participating students were briefed about various types of cyber threats and crimes prevalent these days. Only by preparing for what is a when not if scenario, can we all be best prepared for when that attack does happen.

Special Assemblies

Morning assemblies have become a vital part of our school routine, serving as a platform to celebrate the excellence of our students in
various fields. In addition to our sports stars, we also take the opportunity to honor our monthly winners of the Spoken Star Awards, Swachh Awards and Spell Bee Awards. Our special morning assemblies are a testament to our dedication to nurturing well-rounded, talented, and responsible individuals. Through these gatherings, we not only celebrate achievements but also instill values that will serve our students well throughout their lives.


Another month, another stellar lineup of English Communication Wizards and Cleaning Crusaders and Spell Bees! Huge congratulations to our January Spoken Stars, Swachh Award and Spelling Maestro recipients!


■Our school came alive on Monday, 11th December, as we gathered to pay homage to the National Poet, Mahakavi C Subramanya Bharathy, on his 142nd birth anniversary.

■From mesmerizing dances to eloquent speeches, soul-stirring poems, and heartwarming songs, our students crafted a garland of events that draped the assembly in creativity and respect. Each performance was a brushstroke, contributing to the vibrant canvas of Bharathy’s legacy.

■ special salute to our Grade VIII stars who embraced the art of poetry through the Tamil Club’s activity, “Kavithai Ezhuthalaam Vaanga.” Under the guidance of our inspiring Tamil teacher, Mr. Muthuramalingam Ayya, they embarked on a poetic journey, offering a beautiful tribute through their words. Here’s to the power of expression and the enduring spirit of Bharathy!

An incredible morning assembly on October 25th, 2023!

Our Intra School Competition, “GIRYO-2,” culminated in a special prize distribution ceremony. The Academic Principal, Vice Principal, and Coordinators proudly presented awards to our talented winners. To our winners: Congratulations on your well-deserved victory! Your hard work and dedication truly paid off.We encourage you to keep nurturing your talents and aiming for even greater heights. A heartfelt shoutout to all students for their active participation!Your enthusiasm and spirit made this event memorable. Best wishes to everyone for the upcoming competitions! Let’s aim for excellence and make our school community proud.

Remembering Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam

KIS remembers the former President, illustrious scientist, and inspirational leader, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, on his eighth Remembrance Day today. The school Correspondent, teachers and students paid candlelight tribute to the former president. His immortal legacy will always inspire the dreams and aspirations of our young learners in the making of a strong nation.

Teachers Day - Spoken Star, Spell Bee Award

On the special occasion of Teacher’s Day, we had the privilege of celebrating the brilliance and dedication of our students who have consistently shone brightly in various aspects of their school journey. The prize distribution ceremony for our Spoken Stars, Swachh Awardees, and Spell Bees was nothing short of fantastic! It’s not just about the prizes or awards; it’s about the values these young achievers embody – a commitment to learning, a sense of responsibility towards cleanliness, and a passion for mastering the art of language. These qualities make our teachers proud mentors and our students exceptional individuals. Join us in cheering these young achievers.

Remembering the Mundasu Kavingar!

The 141st Birth Anniversary of the great poet, Mahakavi Subramaniyan Bharathiyar was celebrated on 11th December 2022 to instill values and patriotism among the students. Inspiring speeches, soul filling music, recitation and enthralling dance performances by the students portrayed the ideals the great individual stood for.Students participated in various competitions and won prizes making the program more meaningful. Children with an opportunity to put on the look of the charismatic poet and to decorate the notice board with relevant quotes and messages would have imbibed some of his inspiring qualities.The Tamil Department deserves the appreciation in conducting such a grand commemoration to Bharathiyar ; the epitome of Tamil Literature.

Today’s morning assembly added the joy of victory , courage,sharing and enlightenment by the award distribution moments.The November – Swachh Award Winners and the Spoken Stars were honoured by our Vice Principal, Ms.Ragini Basker. Congratulations ! Swachch Awardees

Ms.Harjana Jayaram’s Grade-II A

Ms.Swapna’s Grade VC

Ms. Sowmiya’s Grade VI B

Ms.Janani’s Grade IX A

Ms. Kiruthiga’s Grade XI C

Festivals and Celebrations

Our school places a strong emphasis on promoting teamwork, unity, and showcasing students’ skills and talents through various festivals and celebrations. Celebrating talent hunt day, skill day, colour day, all special days, religious, and national festivals can also help students express themselves in different ways and appreciate cultural diversity and traditions.


We are thrilled to host the Ramanathapuram Digital Library Stall in the “6th Book Fair,” orchestrated by the dynamic collaboration of Ramanathapuram District Administration and Art Literary Activists Association.The inaugural moment on 2nd Feb was graced by the presence of the esteemed Ramanathapuram District Collector, Thiru B Vishnu Chandran IAS, who explored the wonders of our E-Library stall. The Book Fair stage came alive with the vibrant performances of our talented students on February 3rd! From adorable invocatory dances by our pre-primary kids to the captivating Silapathikaram skit, Western dance, and Math jingles on Angles by our primary students, the stage was truly set ablaze. High school students added a touch of humanity with a mesmerizing dance that stole the show! But that’s not all – they didn’t just perform, they explored the book fair and indulged in a book-buying spree, embarking on a truly knowledgeable journey!


On the vibrant canvas of our Krishna quadrangle, the beats and radiance of the “BLAZING RHYTHMS” festivity illuminated the spirit on 26th January! We were honored to welcome Thiru S Navaneetha Kannan, Deputy Commissioner (Rtd), Cabinet Secretariat, Govt of India, New Delhi, as our chief guest for the day.This marked the first time we showcased the incredible extracurricular talents of our students, and it was nothing short of a spectacular success! From the high-energy performances in karate, Silambam, archery, chess, skating, western dance, classical dance, Rubik’s Cube, video editing, to the mesmerizing art & craft displays, the audience was kept on the edge of their seats throughout the program. The joyous vibes resonated with parents and students alike, making it a day filled with happiness and pride!


SPERANZA 2024 – Skill Day on 26th January was a dazzling stage where our kindergarten stars stole the spotlight! From mastering letters, phonics,sight words and numbers to showcasing their storytelling finesse, rhythmic rhymes, dazzling dances, ramp walk and even captivating conversations – our little talents left everyone in awe! A day filled with laughter, learning, and delightful performances – that’s the magic of SPERANZA!


Proud moments on 26th Jan as our 11th graders orchestrated a vibrant celebration of the 75th Republic Day at our school! Hoisting the National Flag by the school correspondent, Er. K. Ganesa Kannan, with the Principal, teachers, and students, ignited the spirit of honor and unity. Salutes, pledges, and patriotic performances echoed, leaving the fluttering tricolor etched in our hearts. Let’s forever celebrate this day!


Harvest joy radiated at KIS on January 13th as we immersed ourselves in the vibrant celebration of “Pongal”! Traditional dances, lively games, and the colorful art of Pongal preparation added a splash of excitement. The campus echoed with sweets and smiles, creating a festive vibe that reached every corner, wishing everyone a joyous and Happy Pongal!


■The Expo in the name of “Zavisan Mostra – 2023” on 23rd December saw our Middle Compartment students showcase their sensible implementation of subject concepts in distinctive ways.

■our political warriors delved into the depths of Indian governance, from the Constitution and parliamentary nuances to state emblems and global political landscapes. Calculus enthusiasts unveiled the beauty of math in daily life, while the ஏழிசை மன்றம் students expressed their love for Tamil through captivating dance and song.

■The Inkwell Explorers transported us to the realm of Shakespearean literature with impeccable English dialogue delivery and stunning artistry. Sci Land students brought awareness through a mime on healthy food, tackling chronic diseases, plastic usage, and deforestation.

■Art integrated learning strategies left parents marveling at the creativity and dedication of our students. Kudos to the hard work of both students and teachers, making the school management and principals beam with pride!


■The Skill Day of our pre-primary stars on 23rd December, 2023 turned our school into a canvas of creativity! From Tamil Mahabharat characters to math skits, mime performances, and enchanting story enactments – every moment was a masterpiece in learning.

■In the spirit of active participation, parents immersed themselves in engaging activities and games, captivated by the appreciation charts adorned with their little ones’ achievements. The warmth of encouragement echoed through sticky notes sharing parents’ heartfelt feedback.

■And then, in a magical moment, Santa himself made an entrance, spreading Christmas cheer and sharing wishes for the upcoming new year.

SPERANZA - 2023 PART 2 !

■Step into the world of creativity that was “SPERANZA – 2023 PART 2”, a dazzling celebration on December 22nd! Our Grade 3 & 4 prodigies lit up the stage with talents ranging from Yoga to the Silapathikaram Skit, echoing the importance of zero, farmers, and the essence of water conservation.

■Kudos to our punctual parents – their timely presence added a special touch! Their insightful answers to our post-program questions left us inspired. From enhanced Spoken English skills to heartfelt appreciation for our dedicated teachers, their feedback has fueled our passion for nurturing young minds.


“SPERANZA – 2023”, held on December 21st, was a vibrant celebration of creativity in education to unlock individuality through art. Our Grade 5 students showcased a dazzling array of talents, from speeches to dances, songs to enactments, bringing the magic of fine and performing arts to the forefront of learning. Witnessing the students’ unique expressions was a testament to the power of art in fostering self-discovery. The Primary Compartment Coordinator shared a heartfelt message, emphasizing the importance of cherishing our children’s distinct abilities. As members of the school management, Principals, and parents glowed with pride, let’s continue this artistic journey with unwavering passion!


■On Tuesday, December 5, 2023, we celebrated the phenomenal 90th birthday of our esteemed Founder, Mr.Madhavanur Krishnan. The day unfolded with a touch of magic, marked by a significant event – the release of his autobiography, “Arasiyal mudhal Aanmeegam Varai – Enathu Payanam,” chronicling his extraordinary journey from Politics to Spirituality.

■Our Founder, a beacon of resilience and wisdom, shared insights that captivated hearts. The air was filled with the vibrant spirit of our students, who adorned the day with a kaleidoscope of cultural events.

■ Certificates and trophies were proudly bestowed upon our accomplished teachers and students, recognizing their recent triumphs in various competitions.

■With infectious enthusiasm, our Founder personally distributed sweets, spreading smiles and warmth among the children.His courage in establishing this institute continues to inspire us, urging us to dream big and believe in the beauty of our aspirations.

■We wish him many more years of health and happiness!


14th November 2023 was a day filled with laughter, fun, and a sprinkle of magic!
Every child at Krishna was adorned with crowns, bands, bows, and badges, turning our school into a kingdom of youthful pride! Their smiles radiated happiness as they embraced their unique titles, making each child feel like royalty for a day. Childhood memories made extraordinary!


We dived into the magical world of our school’s Diwali celebration on 10th November 2023, where radiant smiles and vibrant performances illuminated the spirit of unity and joy.Dances and Songs of Harmony spread a heartfelt invitation to embrace the warmth of light and the spirit of togetherness. Through their performances, our students conveyed the message of embracing positivity and banishing negativity.Let these moments of brilliance and unity resonate in our hearts, fostering a sense of togetherness that extends far beyond the Diwali festivities. Wishing everyone a year filled with light, love, and boundless joy!

Exciting Philately Day Celebration!

We are thrilled to share that on October 11, 2023, our students commemorated Philately Day with great enthusiasm! They marked this special occasion by opening Philately accounts, a wonderful initiative to foster the love for stamp collecting. We were honored to have the Superintendent of Ramanathapuram Head Post Office with us, who addressed the gathering, highlighting the significance of opening Philately accounts. Their insightful talk shed light on the world of stamps and their historical importance. Let’s continue this exciting journey of discovery and learning together!

Vidhyarambam ceremony

We joyfully inaugurated a new chapter on October 24, 2023, with our Vidhyarambam ceremony, welcoming our little ones into the temple of learning. Our Correspondent, Principal, and KG Coordinator extended warm greetings to the young Krishnians, guiding their tiny hands to write letters in a tray of rice, symbolizing the start of their educational journey as a dedication to the Goddess of Knowledge. Wishing them a future filled with success and knowledge!

Teacher's Day Celebration

We are delighted to share the highlights of our spectacular Teachers’ Day celebration at KIS! The day began with a heartfelt assembly where students expressed their gratitude through speeches and heartfelt messages. Our talented students filled the air with melodious tunes, showcasing their musical talents with soulful songs and heartwarming poems. The stage came alive with mesmerizing dance performances that left everyone in awe. The highlight of the day was seeing our amazing teachers’ faces light up with emotion, knowing that their hard work is truly appreciated. We extend our heartfelt thanks to all parents for their support and contributions to make this day extra special. To our dedicated teachers, we wish you a Happy Teacher’s Day once again! and we also wish Happy Teachers’ day to all the teachers out there!

Annual Sports Meet

Exciting News Krishna International School marked a remarkable milestone as it celebrated its 10th Annual Sports Meet on August 15th, 2023. The event was filled with enthusiasm and fervor, with distinguished Chief Guest, Thiru. B. Vasanthan IFS, Regional Passport officer, Ministry of External Affairs, Madurai and our special invitee, Sub Lieutenant K.R.Gopala Krishnan, Chetak Pilot, Sports Officer, INS Parundu, Ramanathapuram. Their inspiring presence and valuable speeches truly made the day unforgettable.

Talent Hunt Day

Each child is unique: let’s fan that unique spark in our kids! Every child is gifted and talented. Respecting the talent that is hidden within each child, it’s our foremost duty to tag and care their potential to become kings of their skills or monarchs of the world to come. The Talent Hunt Day on 16th July 2023 saw a complete ambiance of joy and excitement where the students were actively engaged in exhibiting their talents in various categories like Speech, Roleplay, Dancing, Singing, Playing musical Instruments, Story telling, Drawing, Colouring and many more. This event was aimed at helping children to develop creativity, observation, concentration, self expression and confidence. KIS believes in the potential of each child and will keep nurturing it!

Investiture Ceremony

Be the leader you would follow! The Investiture Ceremony held on 24th June 2023 was a special observance that turned the school’s dream into reality – Creating Leaders of Tomorrow. The Ceremony is not just about providing titles, but about conferring responsibilities to the students, to take charge of the school and take it to the height they desire with their leadership, decision making skills, communication and teamwork. The school proudly put up its newly elected Office Bearers and honoured them with their respective badges as Head Girl, Head Boy, Sports Captain, Cultural Captain and Class Leaders. The student council members took an oath to faithfully work for the school. The Chief Guest, Mr.Bala Krishnan, Additional Superintendent of Police, Coastal Security Group, Ramanathapuram congratulated the leaders and encouraged them to be torch bearers of all the values that the School stands for and urged them to take responsibility with commitment and integrity.

9th International Yoga Day Celebration

It was a serene morning where in during the morning assembly today, the students got involved in the global movement for Health and Wellness by performing Yoga as the theme of this day is ‘Yoga for Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam,’ effectively encapsulating our collective aspiration for ‘One Earth, One Family, and One Future.’ The Special invitee, Ms.Soundarya and the Secretary, Mrs Jeevalatha in their speech sighted the benefits of Yoga and motivated students to embrace it happily. The entire school was made aware of the valuable gift of this ancient tradition – yoga, which embodies unity of mind and body, thought and action, harmony between man and nature, peace of mind, health and wellbeing of the entire humanity. Let’s Inhale the future, exhale the past. Wishing you all a blissful International Yoga Day filled with serenity, strength, and self-discovery. Namaste!

9th Annual Day Celebration at KIS!

Krishna International School celebrated its Ninth Annual Day “Reenboog – 2023”, a magnificent and reverberating ceremony on 1st April 2023. The chief guest, Mr.V.S.Narayana Sarma IAS, Asst Collector, Ramanathapuram presided over the celebration, inaugurated the Krishna NEET/IIT Academy, launched the Digito App and felicitated the KG graduates, Profeciency winners and the Teacher achievers. The special invitees were the alumni students who shared their memories and witnessed the cultural feast with the current students. The audience was enthralled by the electrifying dances, well directed dance dramas and emotional songs. The most riveting performance which drew unceasing applause was the heartbreaking dance drama on Child Abuse.Addressing the gathering, the Chief Guest stated that the students have smartly carved a niche for themselves. The exhilarating show was an unforgettable experience and left a lasting impression on the minds of everyone present. It was indeed a spectacular display of talent and fervor.

Skill Day

25th February 2023 was really an amazing day to celebrate a grand festival with our smart KG kids. The SKILL DAY nurtured and uplifted the uniqueness of each child. We provided a celebratory and justly environment for our kids to open up their skills in front of their parents gregariously. Our dynamic tots with all their liveliness, enthusiasm and splendid costumes performed dances, rhymes, skits, instrument play, abacus & cube, phonic drills, reading and stole the heart of the whole audience.Not only did the event see an exceptional participation but also a keen interest from the kids in knowing more and learning more. Krishna is once again proud of its supportive parents and committed teachers.

Cartoon Day

A day with Cartoons! Cartoons help kids with early learning, language development and enhance their creativity. Kids also learn good morals, kindness and compassion through their favourite cartoons. To celebrate such wonderful characters, Krishna Kindergarten organized the “Cartoon Day” on 3rd February 2023. The tiny tots were dressed in their favourite cartoons as Micky Mouse, Superman, Spiderman, Dora, Power Rangers, Bunny Rabbit, Red Riding Hood and Chutki. They were thrilled to see their friends in similar attires. The day seemed endless as each character had its own story to narrate. The Cartoon Day was a day full of positive messages and memories to rejoice!

Republic Day

74th Republic Day Celebration! The 74th Republic Day was celebrated at Krishna with enthusiasm and patriotic fervour. The ceremony began with the hoisting of the tricolor flag by the school correspondent, Mr.Ganesa Kannan accompanied by the Secretary and the Principals.An engaging skit, patriotic dance and songs presented by XI students highlighting the diverse culture of India filled the campus with a patriotic aura. Students were made aware of the contribution of the unsung heroes of our nation and were encouraged to express their hopes and aspirations for the nation through varied performances. The school prayed for the nation, its leaders of the present and the past, and for our soldiers who protect our country. The Correspondent and the Admin Principal addressed the students and urged them to be committed to the responsibility of nation building by being law abiding and displaying integrity in their work and attitudes.

Pongal Celebration

Pongalo Pongal! Pongal – the harvest festival was celebrated in high spirits at KIS on 13th Jan 2023. The celebration was designed in a manner to evoke students’ innermost talent and expose the love for their tradition. The Pongal celebration was a true manifestation of our rich culture and tradition with pongal making, folk dances and Naatupura paadalgal. We can be seen at its vibrant best. Catch few glimpses from our joyful Pongal celebration.

Education Development Day

Scouts and Guides lead the way! The highlighted event of the Education Development Day on 15th July 2023 was the Inauguration ceremony of the Scouts and Guides unit at KIS. The Chief guest, Mr.S.Selvaray, District Secretary & District Co-Ordinator, Bharat Scout & Guide, Ramanathapuram inaugurated and honoured the new cadets. In his address,he highlighted the objectives of the event as to promote self-motivation, self-discipline, sensitivity towards the environment and above all service to the society. The speech,song and dance by students reminded all about Kamarajar’s contribution to boosting the school education in our state. The Academic Principal, Mr.Kannan encouraged the cadets to upload their rules and regulations. The day was exclusively inspirational for our students!

Feel the magic of Christmas

On 23rd December 2022 , Krishna wore a festive look with stars, bells, streamers and beautifully decorated Crib and Christmas tree to celebrate Christmas inadvance. Soaking in the spirit of festivity, young Krishnians presented a cultural treat with dance on the tunes of jingle bells, songs of Christmas Carols and skit on the birth of Jesus Christ. The Christmas day aura was filled with unbridled delight as Santa Claus entered the gathering and wished everyone Happy Christmas! Little Santas and Angels spread cheers with their cute dance movements ,smiles and lovely attire.The day enlightened students to follow the path of brotherhood and humanity to maintain global peace, progress and prosperity.

Dedicating one’s entire life to the service of humanity is a calling, a vocation that only the truly blessed can!

Our Krishna family offered a small birthday celebration with cake cutting for our beloved Principal , Dr.G.Muthukumar on 24th December 2022. He hasn’t just been the principal of this school; he has been a wonderful example and an emulable figure for every student and staff. On behalf of all the Krishnians , the Correspondent Mr.Ganesa Kannan thanked his immense work for the school and wished him a long life filled with love , joy and happiness. May God bestow health,wealth and wisdom upon him. We wish him many more years of running this wonderful school!

A beautiful birthday of a beautiful person!

On 5th December 2022 , the heart and soul of KIS ,Mr.Madhavanur Krishnan’s birthday celebration was a beautiful event with colourful welcome , medley of songs and dances,cake cutting and birthday wishes by the students and staff to express our love, respect, and admiration for our Chairman.The evening with a gush of affection and excitement witnessed one more overwhelming moments in the form of the signature speech by our Chairman.He has been our torch bearer and we continue to reap success in his footsteps.We wish our Chairman , a prosperous birthday and many more blessed years ahead! It was indeed, a beautiful birthday of a beautiful person !

Welcome 2023!

The way we spend our New Year’s Eve is the way we’ll spend the rest of the year! On 1st January 2023, Krishna family and the Rotary Club of East Coast Ramnad together , astoundingly celebrated the New Year Eve with great fun and ardor. Many interesting and mind boggling games made the crowd to get into the festive fervor and enjoy themselves.A couple of cheery dances, spontaneous singing and the couples’ game set the stage on fire . The felicitation moments and the yummy dinner relished by all added boundless excitement to the celebration.The Eve was really rejenuvating and all of them welcomed the New Year , greeting each others.

Last year was for learning, this year is for living, Love more today and all through the next 364 days.

Happy New Year !

Academic Activities

Our academic activities blend indoor and outdoor experiences, along with clubs, field trips, and exhibitions, providing a well-rounded education and make learning more engaging for our students. These activities can help students develop various skills and knowledge in a more interactive and enjoyable manner.


Sparking lively discussions, this activity was a fantastic opportunity for our LkG curious minds to explore the nuances of each room. Imagine the chatter about whether a TV feels more at home in the living room or bedroom! Or the delightful debates on whether a dining table prefers the dining room or kitchen! Hands-on, interactive learning at its best, making education a joyful adventure for our little learners!


Embarking on the adventure of mastering division can be a puzzling journey for our bright grade 2 minds! To sprinkle some magic into the learning process, we introduced an interactive division board adorned with cups and beads. It’s not your typical paper-and-pencil lesson – we believe in hands-on experiences to make the math marvels truly click!


Our little explorers from Kindergarten and Pre-Primary had a magical day on their field trip to Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam’s National Memorial and Ainthinai Marabanu Poonga (Genetical Heritage Garden) in Ramanathapuram on December 8, 2023. From shared snacks and laughter-filled lunches to heart-to-heart chats with friends and teachers, every moment was a treasure. Amidst the beauty of nature and history, our focus was not just on learning but also on instilling the values of good behavior in public spaces.Here’s to joyful escapades, new friendships, and the vibrant tapestry of experiences that shape our little minds.


Our incredible parent volunteers brightened up Senior KG classrooms on 18th November 2023. Their presence added a sprinkle of magic to our activities, turning ordinary moments into extraordinary memories. We thank them for being the cheering squad, encouraging our little stars and making them feel like the superstars they are!


Our Grade 8 students organised a fantastic Science Fair on 14th November 2023. It was a thrilling addition to our Children’s Day celebration. The projects showcased ingenious ideas like intelligent dustbins, drip irrigation, earthquake alarms, motion detectors, water level indicators, and smart blind sticks. A stellar shout-out to our brilliant science fair students for their creativity and dedication.


On November 1st, 2023, the school auditorium resonated with the enchanting melodies and captivating rhythms of Indian music and dance, courtesy of our talented Grade 5 students. They not only celebrated the beauty and vibrancy of Indian music and dance but also exemplified the spirit of collaboration, creativity, and cultural appreciation that defines our school community. It was a truly memorable event that highlighted the incredible talent and diversity within our student body.

Business Day at KIS

Our Higher Secondary Commerce Stream students showcased their entrepreneurial spirit on October 17, 2023, during our Business Day event. It was a fantastic opportunity for them to dive into the world of business strategies. With precision and creativity, they presented an array of offerings including healthy snacks, refreshing fruit juices, and essential stationery items. What truly impressed everyone was their meticulous attention to detail – from the neat display to the hygienic handling of products and the diligent maintenance of sales records. We’re proud to announce that their outstanding efforts were recognized and appreciated by our Academic Principal. We believe in their potential and wish them nothing but greatness in their studies and future careers. Congratulations to our brilliant commerce students!

Zoo Day in Grade 1

What an exciting day it was in our Grade 1 EVS class! Learning about animals and birds became a thrilling adventure for our pre-primary kids. All our young explorers disguised themselves as animals and birds using masks, bringing the classroom to life as a vibrant Zoo! The creativity and enthusiasm were contagious as each student expressed themselves, sharing interesting facts about the animals they portrayed. We believe that interactive learning experiences like these not only make education engaging but also foster a deep love for nature and wildlife.

Keezhadi Visit

An enlightening journey for our Grade 10 and 12 students as they explored the captivating Keezhadi excavation site, unraveling the mysteries of a Sangam period settlement! The Vaigai River’s edge holds a treasure trove of Tamil Nadu’s ancient culture. The meticulous work of the Archaeological Survey of India and Tamil Nadu State Department of Archaeology left our students amazed. A golden opportunity to foster appreciation and awareness about preserving our rich heritage.

Hospital Visit

30th August 2023, A remarkable day for our 12th Grade NEET aspirants as they embarked on a field visit to the Madurai Meenakshi Mission Hospital lab! Kudos to the dedicated faculty of our Krishna NEET Academy for their innovative efforts in inspiring students to chase their dreams. Let this experience ignite the passion for healthcare and propel these aspiring minds toward their goals.

Yellow Day Celebration 2023

Children in general, love colours and it is always a special treat when a colour day is celebrated in the school. On 4th August 2023, Krishna’s Kindergarten Team celebrated the Yellow day with the theme, Sunflower Garden. It was a beautiful sight to watch all the kids, Teachers and our Secretary mam gleaming in yellow colour. The classrooms were decorated with yellow colour objects brought by the kids. Some parents had sent mini surprises as yellow snacks in their snacks boxes. The favourite hour of the day was when our kids were participating in the yellow colour activities like palm printing, rice printing and colouring. The whole day was so beautiful like a garden filled with yellow colour flowers. The Yellow Day brought in lot of happiness, energy and positive vibes!

A visit to Philately Exhibition!

The students of grade VIII were taken for a visit to an exhibition on Philately stamps conducted by the Ramanathapuram Head Post Office on 2nd August 2023. It was an interesting and informative visit for the students to know about the various categories of Philately stamps available thereby generating interest among the younger generation, in Philately, which hold the potential to spread knowledge through picture on stamps. Mr.Balu, the Head Post master, Ramanathapuram District explained about the marvellous work done by the department. It’s a great initiative by the Dept of Post and we take pride in attending such a great event. Our hearty wishes for the splendid success of the exhibition!

Class 2 EVS Activity

Our Class 2 students showcased their creativity and enthusiasm during their recent EVS session. Each student crafted paper models of body parts and buses as part of an engaging lesson on safety measures. They learned how to care for their bodies and stay safe in public places, especially when traveling in vehicles. It’s truly inspiring to see our young learners embrace such important lessons with such enthusiasm. Keep up the fantastic work, Class 2!

Art Integration Club Inauguration

Students can learn the Arts as well as learn through the Arts! On 24th June 2023, the Art Integration Club was inaugurated by the School Correspondent, Er. Ganesa Kannan and the Secretary Er.Jeevalatha. They exhorted the teachers to utilize the Art Integration pedagogical approach and give students the opportunities to enjoy the beauty of arts as well as learn and articulate the core concepts of different subjects and apply it in their daily lives. Teachers are assured to create joyful classrooms imbibing the Indian ethos through Integration of Indian art and culture in the teaching and learning process. We wish middle compartment students to be bestowed with great ideas to encourage their self-expression, intuition, reasoning, imagination and communication. All the very best!Children

Zero Shadow Day

Shadows played hide & seek with Krishna Kids! Krishnians witnessed a rare celestial phenomenon known as the Zero Shadow Day this Wednesday afternoon. Students noticed that their shadows went missing at around 12:10 pm for several minutes. They had to jump in the air to be able to see their shadows. The sun was at its zenith, their shadow exactly under them. This phenomenon can be observed twice a year but only in specific places.

Zavisan Mostra - 2023

There are no dreams too large, no innovation unimaginable and no frontiers beyond the reach of the students of Krishna International School. The Expo in the name of “Zavisan Mostra – 2023” on 11th February saw our Grade I to VIII students showcase their sensible implementation of subject concepts in distinctive ways. The Expo was graced by the presence of the chief guest, M.Mohamed Mustaffa, Salam Al Ghamoj Trading Establishment and the members of the school management. The visitors have been overwhelmed by witnessing the amazing technology models, Math principles and applications, environmental sustainability, literature to remember and their outstanding creativity in Interdisciplinary Projects. The children not only demonstrated an excellent display of expertise in their topic, but also a combination of teamwork, collaboration, project management, leadership skills and emotional skills during the presentation. The school has once again raised the bar of excellence, precision and quality!

Rainbow Day;A Colourful Adventure!

Colourful bits of Rainbows were invited from the sky to add the vibe of joyful colours for the Rainbow Day Celebration at Krishna on 30th November 2022.Kids were amazed at their attires,crowns , balloons, toys and everything around them resembling the colours of the Rainbow.Kids are enamored with rainbows and engaging them in hands on activities like singing ,dancing, palm printing and Talk about let them explore colours and also delve into a variety of additional learning skills.The efforts of our KG teachers and the support of our parents made the Rainbow Day , a colourful adventures for our tiny tots!

ECO Club Inauguration!

On 1st December 2022, KIS celebrated the commencement of Eco Club activities for this academic year by inaugurating the ECO Club.The eventful and memorable proceedings were witnessed by the students of the middle compartment and the Eco Club Warriors.The vibrant performances of the students,swearing ceremony of the ECO Club representatives and the motivational notes from the guests were the core happenings in the celebration.This propitious occasion was honored by the gracious presence of Mrs.S.Dhivya Lakshmi,Forest Range Officer,Ramnad Wild Life Range , Mr.M.S.Vasan ,RDPS-ECO Co-ordinator and Mr.G.Kumar ,ECO Co- ordinator ,Ramnad Dist.The representatives presented the program plan of the club and promised to focus on maintaining a clean and green campus. The inauguration was a grand success with all credits to the constant support of the school management,teaching team and the students.

Seasons Display Delight!

Pre Primary kids and their teachers set up their classrooms to celebrate the seasons with a stunning display.This engaging and fun seasons activity was a perfect way to consolidate students’ knowledge about the different aspects that make up each of the four seasons.Students understood different types of weather, how people prepare for the expected weather conditions like type of clothing , kind of food etc.The correspondent Mr.Ganesa Kannan and Secretary Mrs.Jeevalatha admired the display and appreciated the synergetic efforts of the students and the teachers.

Injecting Fun into learning Shapes !

Grade 5 students , especially the kinesthetic learners had a great time during their math practical class of making pattern blocks.They also got to practice using rulers,markers and construction papers for creating squares,traingle,rectangle etc.This hands – on activity was a foundational concept for critical thinking that helped children find out the properties of different shapes. The colourful shapes occupied the part of a great classroom display too!

Trash to Treasure!

Craft out of kitchen waste materials is eco – friendly and encourages children to reuse things while exercising their creativity! Meet the makers of Grade 4 transforming vegetable waste into creative dolls,birds,trees and animals.For sure ,the parents of these children will thank the EVS teacher for making them cleanliness warriors of their kitchens!

Embracing the Adventures!

Holistic learning is impossible without studying people, places, and cultures. The more children travel, the more they learn.Our students of Middle Compartment piled into buses with packed stuff and excitement for a two days educational tour to Kerala on 22nd & 23rd November 2022.The students visited the Thiruvananthapuram Zoo,Priyadarshini Planetarium in Trivandrum and witnessed the Padmanabhapuram Palace,Sunset Point and Dancing Musical Fountain in Kanyakumari.This tour was a great opportunity for our students to feel, observe,learn and could carry back glimpses of new learning, entertainment, social interaction, experiences and exposure.

Learning all kinds of counting...!

Cardinal and ordinal numbers can get tricky. It’s a common mistake for our students to say “the number six question,” instead of “the sixth question.” A lot of our students tend to rely on their knowledge of cardinal numbers only, but ordinal numbers are just as important to know.Ordinal numbers tell us about position and Cardinal numbers tell us about quantity.Our Grade 1 students loved practicing their ordinal ,cardinal numbers and sight words this way through chart presentation. So we’ve added this set into both our literacy and maths centres.

Solving Shapes Puzzles!

Kids have to realize that the world around them is full of circles, squares, triangles, and more.Therefore, it is vital for them to learn shapes at a young age.Our LKG kids enjoyed this Shapes puzzle activity and we found them to be successful at identifying and matching the shapes.It was an engaging activity that worked on strengthening their fine motor skills,hand – eye coordination and preparing them for later mathematical ideas.

Welcome to the Fairyland!

Everyone of us would like to imagine to meet a fairy one day and get all our dreams fulfilled.Here’s that fairyland with full of exciting adventures of Grade 2 Rainbow fairies.It’s the world of wonder where anything can happen.The English teacher used the ‘ Rainbow Fairies ‘ poem to create this magical fantasy classroom for the little fairies to create,imagine ,play and learn.That’s inspiring!

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