Awareness Programs

Mass Tree Plantation Program!

Keeping the global problem in mind and along with the responsibilities of saving the environment, Rotary Club of East Coast Ramnad joining with Krishna International School Devipattinam and AVMS Matric Hr Sec School Ramnad organised a ‘Mass Tree Plantation Program’ on 2nd November 2022 at SIDCO Industrial Estate Ramnad.In the plantation drive, the guests of honour , Rotary members and Students planted about 500 saplings and pledged to protect these planted saplings and ensure that they grow into large trees.Exposing our student participants to the real situation has raised their motivation to help and act accordingly.We are overwhelmed with this opportunity

Get Gas Safe!

On 4th November 2022, a Gas Safety Session was conducted by Nikhil Krishna Indane Gramin Vitrak to raise awareness on how to stay safe with gas.During the program , Mr.V.Gopalam , Assistant Manager ( LPG-S), Ramanathapuram and the fire service personnel demonstrated how fire mishaps occur due to the negligence while handling gas cylinders in our day to day life and also highlighted the precautionary measures to be adopted to prevent the fire mishaps in the very first place.The program has supported initiatives with our students to ensure that they change their safety behaviours and made them act as a channel in order to reach parents as well.

Run for Human Unity!

Running has a substantial positive impact on people. Three of our Grade 11 students took part in 21Km – Mini Marathon 2022 organised by RDAA – Ramanathapuram District Athletic Association on 18th December 2022 to mark the Human Unity Day.We are proud of our boys, Lakshmana, Balaji and Yogith for their social contribution in spreading the awareness of the value of Solidarity.Their participation deserves to be cherished and honoured.

Great Participation ! boys

Cyber Awareness Program


Since the online classes during the pandemic , students are more exposed to E-sources nowadays.Hence, students need to be careful while using the devices for learning purposes. In an effort to meet this need , KIS in association with Rotary Club of East Coast Ramnad organised a Cyber Crime Awareness Program on 18th October 2022. During the programme, the participating students were briefed about various types of cyber threats and crimes prevalent these days. Only by preparing for what is a when not if scenario, can we all be best prepared for when that attack does happen.

Festivals and Celebrations

Feel the magic of Christmas

On 23rd December 2022 , Krishna wore a festive look with stars, bells, streamers and beautifully decorated Crib and Christmas tree to celebrate Christmas inadvance. Soaking in the spirit of festivity, young Krishnians presented a cultural treat with dance on the tunes of jingle bells, songs of Christmas Carols and skit on the birth of Jesus Christ. The Christmas day aura was filled with unbridled delight as Santa Claus entered the gathering and wished everyone Happy Christmas! Little Santas and Angels spread cheers with their cute dance movements ,smiles and lovely attire.The day enlightened students to follow the path of brotherhood and humanity to maintain global peace, progress and prosperity.

Dedicating one’s entire life to the service of humanity is a calling, a vocation that only the truly blessed can!

Our Krishna family offered a small birthday celebration with cake cutting for our beloved Principal , Dr.G.Muthukumar on 24th December 2022. He hasn’t just been the principal of this school; he has been a wonderful example and an emulable figure for every student and staff. On behalf of all the Krishnians , the Correspondent Mr.Ganesa Kannan thanked his immense work for the school and wished him a long life filled with love , joy and happiness. May God bestow health,wealth and wisdom upon him. We wish him many more years of running this wonderful school!

A beautiful birthday of a beautiful person!

On 5th December 2022 , the heart and soul of KIS ,Mr.Madhavanur Krishnan’s birthday celebration was a beautiful event with colourful welcome , medley of songs and dances,cake cutting and birthday wishes by the students and staff to express our love, respect, and admiration for our Chairman.The evening with a gush of affection and excitement witnessed one more overwhelming moments in the form of the signature speech by our Chairman.He has been our torch bearer and we continue to reap success in his footsteps.We wish our Chairman , a prosperous birthday and many more blessed years ahead! It was indeed, a beautiful birthday of a beautiful person !

Welcome 2023!

The way we spend our New Year’s Eve is the way we’ll spend the rest of the year! On 1st January 2023, Krishna family and the Rotary Club of East Coast Ramnad together , astoundingly celebrated the New Year Eve with great fun and ardor. Many interesting and mind boggling games made the crowd to get into the festive fervor and enjoy themselves.A couple of cheery dances, spontaneous singing and the couples’ game set the stage on fire . The felicitation moments and the yummy dinner relished by all added boundless excitement to the celebration.The Eve was really rejenuvating and all of them welcomed the New Year , greeting each others.

Last year was for learning, this year is for living, Love more today and all through the next 364 days.

Happy New Year !

Pongalo Pongal!

Pongal – the harvest festival was celebrated in high spirits at KIS on 13th Jan 2023.The celebration was designed in a manner to evoke students’ inermost talent and expose the love for their tradition.The pongal celebration was a true manifestation of our rich culture and tradition with pongal making , folk dances and Naatupura paadalgal.We can be seen at its vibrant best.Catch few glimpses from our joyful pongal celebration.

Special Assemblies

Remembering the Mundasu Kavingar!

The 141st Birth Anniversary of the great poet, Mahakavi Subramaniyan Bharathiyar was celebrated on 11th December 2022 to instill values and patriotism among the students. Inspiring speeches, soul filling music, recitation and enthralling dance performances by the students portrayed the ideals the great individual stood for.Students participated in various competitions and won prizes making the program more meaningful. Children with an opportunity to put on the look of the charismatic poet and to decorate the notice board with relevant quotes and messages would have imbibed some of his inspiring qualities.The Tamil Department deserves the appreciation in conducting such a grand commemoration to Bharathiyar ; the epitome of Tamil Literature.

Today’s morning assembly added the joy of victory , courage,sharing and enlightenment by the award distribution moments.The November – Swachh Award Winners and the Spoken Stars were honoured by our Vice Principal, Ms.Ragini Basker. Congratulations ! Swachch Awardees

Ms.Harjana Jayaram’s Grade-II A

Ms.Swapna’s Grade VC

Ms. Sowmiya’s Grade VI B

Ms.Janani’s Grade IX A

Ms. Kiruthiga’s Grade XI C

The world belongs to those who read!

Reading is a gift. It’s something you can do almost anytime and anywhere. It can be a tremendous way to learn and relax . Reading is a discount ticket to everywhere. So it’s our huge responsibility to take serious steps on daily basis to help our children experience the marvellous adventures of reading.Today’s step was to make children take a pledge to read daily and make use of the library effectively. Reading problems are difficult to fix but easy to prevent. Prevention step starts from home!.We request all the parents to read with your child for atleast 20 minutes every day.Once children learn to read, they will be forever free!

Academic Activities

Rainbow Day;A Colourful Adventure!

Colourful bits of Rainbows were invited from the sky to add the vibe of joyful colours for the Rainbow Day Celebration at Krishna on 30th November 2022.Kids were amazed at their attires,crowns , balloons, toys and everything around them resembling the colours of the Rainbow.Kids are enamored with rainbows and engaging them in hands on activities like singing ,dancing, palm printing and Talk about let them explore colours and also delve into a variety of additional learning skills.The efforts of our KG teachers and the support of our parents made the Rainbow Day , a colourful adventures for our tiny tots!

ECO Club Inauguration!

On 1st December 2022, KIS celebrated the commencement of Eco Club activities for this academic year by inaugurating the ECO Club.The eventful and memorable proceedings were witnessed by the students of the middle compartment and the Eco Club Warriors.The vibrant performances of the students,swearing ceremony of the ECO Club representatives and the motivational notes from the guests were the core happenings in the celebration.This propitious occasion was honored by the gracious presence of Mrs.S.Dhivya Lakshmi,Forest Range Officer,Ramnad Wild Life Range , Mr.M.S.Vasan ,RDPS-ECO Co-ordinator and Mr.G.Kumar ,ECO Co- ordinator ,Ramnad Dist.The representatives presented the program plan of the club and promised to focus on maintaining a clean and green campus. The inauguration was a grand success with all credits to the constant support of the school management,teaching team and the students.

Seasons Display Delight!

Pre Primary kids and their teachers set up their classrooms to celebrate the seasons with a stunning display.This engaging and fun seasons activity was a perfect way to consolidate students’ knowledge about the different aspects that make up each of the four seasons.Students understood different types of weather, how people prepare for the expected weather conditions like type of clothing , kind of food etc.The correspondent Mr.Ganesa Kannan and Secretary Mrs.Jeevalatha admired the display and appreciated the synergetic efforts of the students and the teachers.

Injecting Fun into learning Shapes !

Grade 5 students , especially the kinesthetic learners had a great time during their math practical class of making pattern blocks.They also got to practice using rulers,markers and construction papers for creating squares,traingle,rectangle etc.This hands – on activity was a foundational concept for critical thinking that helped children find out the properties of different shapes. The colourful shapes occupied the part of a great classroom display too!

Trash to Treasure!

Craft out of kitchen waste materials is eco – friendly and encourages children to reuse things while exercising their creativity! Meet the makers of Grade 4 transforming vegetable waste into creative dolls,birds,trees and animals.For sure ,the parents of these children will thank the EVS teacher for making them cleanliness warriors of their kitchens!

Embracing the Adventures!

Holistic learning is impossible without studying people, places, and cultures. The more children travel, the more they learn.Our students of Middle Compartment piled into buses with packed stuff and excitement for a two days educational tour to Kerala on 22nd & 23rd November 2022.The students visited the Thiruvananthapuram Zoo,Priyadarshini Planetarium in Trivandrum and witnessed the Padmanabhapuram Palace,Sunset Point and Dancing Musical Fountain in Kanyakumari.This tour was a great opportunity for our students to feel, observe,learn and could carry back glimpses of new learning, entertainment, social interaction, experiences and exposure.

Learning all kinds of counting...!

Cardinal and ordinal numbers can get tricky. It’s a common mistake for our students to say “the number six question,” instead of “the sixth question.” A lot of our students tend to rely on their knowledge of cardinal numbers only, but ordinal numbers are just as important to know.Ordinal numbers tell us about position and Cardinal numbers tell us about quantity.Our Grade 1 students loved practicing their ordinal ,cardinal numbers and sight words this way through chart presentation. So we’ve added this set into both our literacy and maths centres.

Solving Shapes Puzzles!

Kids have to realize that the world around them is full of circles, squares, triangles, and more.Therefore, it is vital for them to learn shapes at a young age.Our LKG kids enjoyed this Shapes puzzle activity and we found them to be successful at identifying and matching the shapes.It was an engaging activity that worked on strengthening their fine motor skills,hand – eye coordination and preparing them for later mathematical ideas.

Welcome to the Fairyland!

Everyone of us would like to imagine to meet a fairy one day and get all our dreams fulfilled.Here’s that fairyland with full of exciting adventures of Grade 2 Rainbow fairies.It’s the world of wonder where anything can happen.The English teacher used the ‘ Rainbow Fairies ‘ poem to create this magical fantasy classroom for the little fairies to create,imagine ,play and learn.That’s inspiring!

Primary Entrepreneurs!

Letting our grade 3 & 4 students run a real business in their classrooms was an exciting activity. Children learnt to communicate,think creatively,work as a team, trust each others,manage their time and money, make profit and avoid loss, thus developing their entrepreneurial skills. Our correspondent and Secretary admired the selling techniques of the students and had a great shopping time. Beside educationally valuable , the sales day was a stimulating environment and obviously full of fun!

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