Sports have been an integral part of Krishna International School not only for recreation but also for the physical and mental well-being of the children. The school is known for its sports activities, holistic education and good discipline. The huge campus of 40 acres has a stadium with a 400 meter track.

Krishna Sports Academy, beyond our usual sports curriculum, offers students a chance to enhance their skills in various disciplines. After school, Krishnians engage in Football, Volleyball, Tennis, Basketball, Cricket. Athletics guided by dedicated instructors. The academy fosters passion, interest, and excellence, aiming to develop students both physically and mentally. Through structured training, our qualified instructors empower student-athletes to reach their fullest potential in sports.

Sports Facilities

At Krishna we recognize the role of sports in teaching self-discipline, leadership and camaraderie. Along with compulsory physical education, we encourage our students to choose from a wide range of sporting activities that we offer. There are multiple sports facilities currently available at Krishna indoor and outdoor courts:




Table Tennis






Scouts and Guides

Krishna students have the opportunity to become members of Bharat Scouts and Guides. As a part of their program, students participate in inter school competitions and day camp that offer a wide range of activities such as tent –making, vegetable carving, art from wastages, first aid, march past and dance.

Participate in scouts and guides camp activities and various competitions ensuring their physical and mental fitness creating responsible citizens by inculcating values to develop the spirit of brotherhood and respect towards elders.


Under the guidance of our trained physical instructors, students at Krishna participate in numerous sports meets held at the District, Zonal, State level every year.

Our team of athletes, swimmers, skaters and chess players participated and won at numerous Districts, Zonal, State and National level events bringing laurels to the school.

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